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Application Development
In today's technology enabled economy change affects your business at a very high pace. You might not find ample time to do projections and analysis to make your business decisions for success.

Interfinet ia a highly acclaimed Indian software development company that can help you make informed decisions which tilt the balance of competition in your favor. By developing unique software that suits your  business and runs perfectly on your IT ecosystem we can guide your organization to achieve success.

What Interfinet can do for you

  • Our software solutions optimize ROI from new and aging application systems.
  • Increases your ability to compete globally by integrating leading Internet-enabled enterprise application solutions.
  • Improves your response to customer needs by keeping critical enterprise software up-to-date through our software consulting practice.
  • Speeds up the pace of technological change within your organization while minimizing costs.
  • Developing new applications both on Open source as well on commercials in an affordable way.

Interfinet's range of consulting technology and outsourcing services

  • New application development.
  • Portal application development.
  • Development of e-learning content management.
  • Maintaining and enhancing enterprise applications.
  • Increasing performance of aging applications.
  • Web enabling for increased visibility and usability.
  • Developing new, customized applications engineered for a perfect fit.
  • Redeploying a smoothly functioning body of enterprise application solutions.
  • Testing of developed applications.
Our people have a combined three hundred years of experience in the IT Service and e-commerce web application development industries. We have developed millions of lines of code and have extensive experience developing solutions to meet your needs. We are experts in custom programming

Some of our activities include applications designed in:

  • PHP and MySQL development environment.
  • ASP.NET software development environment.
  • Ajax web design and development framework.
  • ASP.NET with VB.NET.
  • JAVA & advanced Java programming.
  • Database tools in Oracle, MS SQL SERVER & MySQL.
  • Software Testing and QA.
  • Opensource ERP Products.
  • Customization of Sugar CRM Opensource CRM software.