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Offshore Extended Development Center
The Interfinet Offshore Extended Development Center process is an innovative approach towards offshore development and support that provides optimal flexibility to model business relationships creating win-win solutions. Interfinet provides core requirements such as advantageous offshore resources, intelligent software professionals with strong technical capabilities along with firm and proven commitment on intellectual property and information technology security.

With an offshore extended development center, clients can easily scale team sizes up or down as necessary and inject the cost savings into the company's core business goals.

Visible benefits

  • Highly Qualified Technical Manpower
    Interfinet always keeps aside a dedicated team of resources for client assignments at its offshore development center which ultimately becomes an extended part of the clients own development team.

  • Total Project Control
    The program manager can be directed by Interfinet or by the client. Hence there will always be a single point of contact which will ensure total client control of the project.

  • Effective Communication
    Interfinet can make arrangements for a communication process whereby a virtual private network (VPN) can be used to connect the client's development team and Interfinet's technical talent to facilitate quick information exchange. This seamlessly integrated development environment will ensure data protection along with easy accessibility among the program members.

  • Total cost of ownership
    A flexible number of highly trained technical manpower using latest hardware and software can meet changing project demands at far lower cost. By adhering to this, the time to market a product or a service can be significantly accelerated and the expense of recruitment and retaining expensive technical professionals can be minimized.