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As product life-cycles shorten, companies are in a pemanent race to launch new products and services to capture their respective business markets. Day by day the competition is growing and the need to become the leader is fuelling an aggressive competition in the product development and management arena.

A product which comes in the market has to pass through lot of phases from concept to reality. The requirements at each phase  are quite different from the previous phase. Since the product addresses a bigger business arena, the product has to be stable, secure, user-friendly, feature rich, and highly scalable.

So a product development  is a key part of its competitive strategy and cften can be aided by embracing a successful offshore partner who can be relied upon to engineer a complete product, implement a phase of a development process, or play a key role in the integration process required by successful products.

Interfinet offers a complete spectrum of these services to suit the demand of product development companies.

  • Product development.
  • Product enhancement.
  • Product migration.
  • Product re-engineering.
  • Product localization.
  • Product testing and Quality Assurance.
  • Product support.
  • Product documentation.
  • Product customization.
  • Product implementation.
  • Third party products integration.
Interfinet an outsourced product development company helps organizations in developing future-proof products by a set of well defined time tested principles and practices driven by right people and right technology platforms.

As a trusted technology partner we are always on your side on every moment. Our commitment towards intellectual property, data security, technical know-how and round the clock support helps your organization to concentrate on other aspects of the product business like bringing out innovative concepts, market research, sales and promotion and end-user customer service.