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Internet Solutions for Business

At Enfinet, we believe that whether your company is large or small, your business systems and internet presence is increasingly becoming central to your competitiveness and your customer's experience. The rapid development of the internet has democratised business, so that even the smallest companies can compete wherever they are based in the world.
We pride ourselves in using the latest technologies to deliver cutting edge solutions to business problems at prices even small companies can afford. We are able to deliver these solutions, not just by having a great team of programmers but also by having a library of millions of lines of code, in-house solutions we have developed and extensive experience in customising many key open-source projects to meet your needs. Our areas of expertise include:
  • Content Management Systems : giving you the power to update your website yourself with next to no technical knowledge
  • Corporate Intranet Design :  so your internal information is available to your staff on-line, is fully searchable, and can be updated by anyone in the organisation without the need for 3rd party tools, and requiring no technical knowledge
  • Extranets : - extending secure access to your knowledge-bank to your field workers and customers
  • Social Networking Sites and Forums :  giving you the opportunity to exchange information, knowledge and communication with your customers and build a community of interest around your goals
  • Customer Relations Management : empowering your sales and marketing team with the latest tools to structure, access and monitor customers contact and the sales pipeline
  • E-Commerce : enabling your customers to locate and purchase your products online with an integrated catalogue, payment gateway and shopping basket
In each case, we aim to understand your needs and tailor a powerful solution in a way that ensures your satisfaction and provides you with the tools that you need to compete in the 21st century. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.